Competition law is still an area of law which often is overlooked by businesses. However, being one of the core mechanisms to ensure soundly functioning Internal market and supervised by enthusiastic local and EU level authorities vested with broad powers, Competition law aspects deserve a closer attention by any market player. This is where our law office specialists come in to play - we are there for our clients to educate, design prevention measures as well as advice and  solve any Competition law problems already there.

Our lawyers are skilled in handling assessment of vertical agreements (franchising, distribution, licensing etc.) from the aspect of Competition law, merger assessment and clearance with Competition authorities, dominance and abusive conduct, including abuse of dominant position in retail sector, representation of clients in competition authorities, private enforcement and litigation, unfair competition, state aid and other Competition law issues.   

Our services include:

  • Civil antitrust investigations
  • Consumer protection and advertising
  • Merger clearance
  • Regulatory matters